How it works

Supercharge your TikTok account in 3 simple steps

Connect your Tiktok account

Sync your account to our secure network

Let TikTokBot get to work

Specify your target accounts and TikTokBot will follow and unfollow these users based on your preferences

Watch as real followers roll in

You get genuine followers that want to see you and your content

Why use Tiktokbot?

Real Followers

No fake accounts here, just real TikTok users that want to engage with you.

Live Statistics

In-depth analysis and real-time statistics for your account.

Smart Targetting

Target TikTok communities and filter by country for better engagement and results.

Stay Safe

Advanced security systems built in to keep you and your account safe.

Multiple Accounts

Manage as many accounts as you want all from the TikTokBot dashboard.

Easy Support

We are here to help you every step of the way, with customer support made easy.

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Simple to set setup and gets me 40 followers a day, recommended.


Only a few things to configure and everything is working as expected!


Pleasantly surprised, already got a few hundred new followers after just 3 weeks using the bot.

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Like you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I get fake followers ?

No, there are no fake followers here.

Just other users that see you have engaged with them and then choose to engage back.

It’s that simple.

  • How do you boost the engagement on my account ?

Social media sites are built on reciprocal activity.

That means when you follow an account, they will usually follow you back or at least engage on some level with you.

We automate the engagement process on your end, getting you in front of hundreds of accounts and maximising you chances of users following you back.

  • Is this service safe ?

Social media platforms actively encourage third party access thier API and let developers design tools to make social media activities more productive.

We have never heard of a banned account because of automation activity.

That being said, you are solely responsible for you own account and we recommend that you do not abuse the service.

  • Will TikTokBot unfollow my friends ?

The answer here is no.

Any action that you undertake yourself is separate to TikTokBot’s activity.

TikTokBot will only unfollow accounts that it has followed itself.

  • Can I cancel at any time?

Of course, you can cancel your TikTokBot service at any time.

We believe in transparency and flexibility for all our users.