TikTok releases numerous pieces of content every single day. Some videos get viral in a matter of minutes and others are dropped and almost never shown again on users’ “For You” pages. 

One of the major factors that influences the popularity of the videos is the number of likes. The ones with the most likes usually go viral and are played over and over again. You have probably seen, if not all, then most of the ones below. These videos are not only signature for TikTok, but have been largely shared on other platforms as well.

M To The B

Bella Poarch, a TikTok famous content creator, managed to implement the 2016 Millie B’s song “M to the B” into a new TikTok successful video. The video she came up with is very catchy and subconsciously gets into people’s heads. This is why the whole challenge becomes addictive and people are repeating it over and over again. 

The “M to the B” video has around 50 million views and has created an army of users joining the same challenge.

Mouth Drawings

Franek Bielak’s videos of his own drawings brought him thousands of likes. He used his art talent to attract more and more followers to his profile. His most famous pieces of art are the five mouths in different bright colors. He shared that this drawing took him 23 hours to make. And, of course, his hard work paid off: he got around 50 million likes for this video. 

Although Franek is only 15 years old, his art talent and creative video ideas have made him one of the most popular TikTok content creators. 

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish was just joining TikTok but her timewarp video managed to attract almost 40 million likes. Even though she was still unverified and had joined with a strange username, she managed to become one of the viral and most liked TikTok content creators right away. 

She used the timewarp scan filter and it became a hit among all of the TikTok users!

British Promise Cats

Everyone loves cute cats, right? No wonder this video became viral very quickly and turned out to be one of the most liked videos on TikTok. The video represents a cat that is putting its face and its paw in cardboard towards the camera. 

The British Promise Cats video managed to get around 33.3 million likes and everyone can definitely agree that it is truly adorable!

Nick Luciano’s Parody Video

Nick Luciano became extremely popular from testing out lip-sync videos. The one that managed to get almost 42 million likes is a lip-sync video of “Sugar Crash”. Nick made his own cover which served as an experiment of the viral capabilities of TikTok. 

The background of the video was also nicely chosen (a natural scenery) and attracted more people than the original video. The video went viral and Nick was soon one of the most popular TikTok content creators.


Baby Demi Rose

Another video that got almost 34 million likes is baby Demi Rose’s TikTok! Honestly, the video of this cute little girl deserves a million more likes! The baby’s adorable eyes and smile attract many users and this is why the overall video got millions of TikTok views!

The sound of the video ideally fits the activity – the mother of the baby is kind of “playing” on its mouth and belly. Baby Demi Rose starts smiling and laughing at some point which definitely lifts the spirits of the video!

Charlie D’amelio’s Savage

Charlie D’Amelio has definitely become one of the most followed users with 54.3 million followers. She has been able to demonstrate her dancing skills through all the trends in TikTok. She has also started some trends and has attracted many users to her profile. Charlie often includes her family members in the dance videos and has made them popular too. 

She also knows exactly how to make fun of herself. For example, the “Savage” video where she does the dance in front of her family has gathered 110 million views and around 18 million likes! Charlie D’Amelio is definitely a TikTok star!

Khaby Lame’s Videos

Khabane Lame is already among the top performing TikTok content creators. The account has more than 70 million followers and his most famous video has almost 38 million likes! His videos consist of him reacting to strange videos on TikTok and showing the right way of how something should be done.


⚫️➕⚪️= ❤️ #notoracism Thanks to my brother @Salvatore Esposito #learnfromkhaby #learnwithtiktok #linkinbio

♬ San Andreas Theme Song – Young Maylay

Most of his video reactions have filled the top 20 list and he is now a viral content creator!

Nasty Naz Buying a Homeless Man Food

Another video that ranks among the most liked ones on TikTok is how Nasty Naz is buying food for a homeless man. This act of kindness quickly went viral and gathered almost 27 million! 


This heart-warming TikTok moment really served as an example of how we should treat other people and that we should always help each other out! The video managed to get almost 250 million views and became one of the most liked and viewed videos on TikTok. There is truly a reason why!

Debbie Ryan’s “What I’d Wear Challenge”

The TikTok challenge that was started by Debby Ryan became a hit in a very short period of time! The “What I’d Wear Challenge” consists of people trying on different outfits and saying what occasions they would wear them to.


Debby Ryan definitely nailed the challenge as she changed into the different characters she had played before! From “Jessie” to “Insatiable” she managed to get into her previous roles and dress up just like the characters. She even recreated the “Radio Rebel” meme. What a star!


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