Tiktok is growing in popularity and is gaining millions of more users year on year. This has led to speculation amongst many in the social media scene that Instagram could overtake some major platforms in the hotly contested social media platform market. One of tiktok’s biggest rivals Instagram has seen a considerable number of changes in the past year and many have been controversial with some users distancing themselves from the app to the volume of changes overall.

Why Has TikTok Become So Popular?

Tiktok has snowballed massively in popularity since the original creation of the app. This has come about for a number of different reasons. However, there have been several main drivers behind the increase in demand for the app overall. One of the key reasons why tiktok has become so popular has been viral videos originating from the app. tiktok has seen a huge number of videos go viral on other social media sites and networks such as Facebook and Instagram. This has helped to cement its overall success thanks to the massive audiences available on these platforms.

Essentially  tiktok is an app that allows users to post videos which are normally short clips a number of seconds long. A very similar concept to that of video sharing app Vine. These clips are then typically dubbed with music or edited with filters and can be shared with friends or posted on the platform for anyone to see.

According to statistics online, tiktok has over 1.5 billion downloads worldwide. This can be attributed to the success of the platform’s viral videos as well as celebrity endorsements and high impact marketing and advertising campaigns on platforms such as YouTube and Google.


How Can A TikTok Bot Improve Your Experience On The Platform?

Whether you are a business or individual there are a range of different ways in which a tiktok bot can enhance your overall experience on the platform. One of the main ways in which a tiktok bot can enhance your overall experience on the application is by boosting your followers on the application. It can be difficult to grow your number of fans/followers on tiktok bot and can require significant time invested. However, the use of a tiktok bot allows you to gain followers with far less time needing to be spent on the app.

Another key benefit to using a tiktok bot is the auto like feature. With an auto like feature you can expose your account to a much larger audience overall and engage with significant numbers of users. This means that you can grow your account significantly without having to manually like hundreds of posts.  This can also lead to more likes on your posts in return as well as more comments and generally more activity surrounding your account.

With such a large number of users on tiktok it can be difficult to break the mould and allow your account to grow on the app. A tiktok bot can give you the tools to do this and much more!