Tik Tok is a growing and versatile platform which is used by hundreds of millions of us worldwide. With all the content across the app it can be hard to stand out from the crowd and make interesting and unique content. This guide has been made for you to equip you with the newest and latest information about Tik Tok and how you can get the most out of the content you produce. 

Research And Knowledge

Research and knowledge are key ways through which you can see meaningful growth and development on Tik Tok. As well as the useful information which is featured in this guide , we highly recommend looking at alternative sources of information online so that you can find out more about how the app works and what is becoming popular regularly.

There are a variety of different websites online where you can gather knowledge on different types of tik tok videos and why they have become so popular. What makes Tik Tok unique is that you can become popular very quickly if your video starts trending. So one of our first tips would be to think outside of the box. Thinking outside of the box means covering songs that people have forgotten about , making up your own unique routines , jokes etc so that your Tik tok is interesting as well as being completely unique to you. 

If you are making a video on Tik Tok , it’s best if it meets the format of a short music video. Often this involves lip syncing or a dance routine. Alternatively , you may wish to use a clip of you featuring a song in order to convey a message or story. This can be another great way to go viral or feature on trending but it requires a lot of trial and error before you can create something that appeals to everyone

Looking For Inspiration Online 

By looking for inspiration online , you can improve your potential for creating interesting and engaging content for your own Tik Tok account. For example you may find a sports video online which has no commentary or music. You could create one of your own on Tik Tok and then add in music to create a cool and unique Tik Tok Video. It’s important to note that if you are looking for inspiration online that you don’t directly copy someone else’s ideas or content. 

Try and experiment with some of your content , doing this can help you gauge what might become popular on Tik Tok and what you might want to change.  Many of the highest rated creators on tik tok created their content based off of a variety of different types of genres as well as categories of music and related subjects e.g gaming , comedy etc. 

Finding What’s Trending 

Finding out what is trending on Tik Tok is another brilliant way through which you can get your content featured amongst the most popular videos on Tik Tok. But in order to do this you need to do some research as well working hard on your content to ensure that it becomes popular and grows when you choose to publish it. Account analytics are a fantastic way in which you can gather data about whats popular on Tik Tok.

A great way through which you can find out what is trending on Tik Tok is by checking what hashtags are becoming popular. There are a variety of different tags that can be used online. Think about what areas your content could cover before selecting the tags for your video. The more tags the better , but make sure that they are relevant.  Common areas for trending are as follows:

  • Dance videos
  • Comedy sketches
  • Parodies
  • Memes
  • Prank videos
  • Funny videos


Another great way through which you can find out more about what’s popular on Tik Tok is by checking out the Tik Tok Blog. The Tik Tok website is a great source of info relating to what is popular and trending on Tik Tok. You can use this as a reference for some of your content. 

By finding out what is popular on the platform , you can greatly improve your chances of going viral online and becoming very popular on Tik Tok. You may even get to a level where you are offered sponsorship’s or advertising deals if you have become big enough on the platform. 

Tik Tok ideas guide

Brainstorm With Your Friends

A brilliant way through which you can get more ideas for creating a Tik Tok Video is by brainstorming with your friends. Whether you’re outside or indoors , meeting and speaking with your friends is a great way through which you can generate and brainstorm more ideas about Tik Tok and what kind of content you might upload to the app. 

Tik Tok Ideas Guide

What’s great about speaking to your friends about Tik Tok is that they may use the app differently or follow different accounts on it from you. This means that they may be able to give you a different perspective on what content you might want to be making on the app as well as what may become popular in the near future. By speaking with your friends , you can also get much needed feedback about your ideas before you start to use them on the app, this is important if you want to achieve any sort of success on the application. 

When you are looking to promote your content and reach out to a large audience , your friends can be key to ensuring that you have a further overall outreach as well as engaging with your post. Growth on Tik Tok will be a key part of your idea generation on the application. 

Social Media Research And Surveys 

Social media and surveys online are a brilliant tool for finding ideas and opinions on Tik Tok as an application. Often people on Social media will be very happy to share ideas and opinions about Tik Tok. This is because Tik Tok videos are popular on a variety of different types of social media platforms. Often viral Tik Tok videos crop up on websites such as Facebook and Youtube. The comments section of these posts offer a good opportunity to learn about what makes these different ideas popular and how you might be able to create your own.  Video downloaders are another excellent way through which you can gather more information for Tik Tok ideas. 

As well as doing this , surveys are another great way through which you can gather further information about ideas for Tik Tok and what might prove popular with people online. You could offer some form of a reward such as a voucher or gift card. Once you have gathered the results from your survey you can draw up a plan on what you may want to do in terms of content or trending related content. 

Tik Tok ideas guide

Make Your Content Exciting!

If there is anything we know about Tik Tok it’s that exciting content gets views! This means that if you are looking for new content ideas , you should do your best to make them exciting. By looking at some of the most popular content on Tik Tok , you can get a better overall idea of what makes content exciting and unique overall.

One brilliant way in which you can get the most out of your content and make it exciting is by fully utilising the filters that can be used on the app. Tik Tok offers users the option to create unique content and videos thanks to its hugely varied and popular choices of music and filters. 

You don’t always have to use multiple filters or jump around to make your content exciting. Sometimes just having the right music at the right time can add excitement to the video. Planning out your video idea in advance is the best way through which you can make the video the most exciting. 

Create A Dance Routine

If theres one thing that will always be popular with Tik Tok , its dance routines. Dance routines whether choreographed or not can become massive hits when a song or particular dance is rising in popularity. Making up your own unique dance routine for different songs is a brilliant way through which you can grow your Tik Tok following and produce better quality content.  There are plenty of sources of information online for dance routines.

It doesn’t have to be too complicated , most Tik Toks  only last a couple of seconds which gives you plenty of time to master a few moves.

Keep Things Fresh

Ultimately , if you want to have a big impact on Tik Tok It’s important that you keep things fresh. By that we mean making sure your content is something different and a little bit out there.

Don’t be afraid to create content that’s outside the norm. Take time to experiment and see what gets views and what doesn’t. Often videos featuring animals or pets are a great way to get popular on Tik Tok as well as providing entertaining content.