The word bot may seem slightly artificial to you. You may have reservations about using the services of a bot because you may think that you don’t want your account to appear ‘fake’. We completely understand why you have this first impression of the word.

There have been so many Instagram bots which have became popular over the years which made it extremely obvious that the user was utilising the services of a bot. For example, so many people would put up a picture and within 30 seconds they had 100 likes, despite only having 300 or so followers.

Learned From Their Mistakes

Fortunately, thanks to all the mistakes that bots like these ones have made, we have learned from their mistakes and created a bot which provides real people engaging with your content. Our bot doesn’t rely on artificial accounts to generate engagements on your accounts. If you’re wanting to build a much larger fan base than you currently have on TikTok, with more real people engaging with your account than before we can certainly help.

Our bot doesn’t spam, it adds value to your account. You will be the envy of all of your friends once you have started using our bot’s services.

Natural Bot

It takes time, and expertise to create a bot which acts naturally. People often believe that paying for a bot’s services will result in the number of followers they have increasing overnight. If you use a bot which provides a service like this, chances are the accounts will all disappear in the coming days due to all of these accounts being artificial and Instagram not approving of them. If your account undertakes a rapid spike in the number of followers it has, is likely to be flagged up to Instagram as an artificial account.

Decreased Interactions

If your account becomes overcome with artificial accounts engaging with your content, its likely that the number of real people engaging with your account will decrease. If people question the authenticity of your account, they are very unlikely to provide the regularity of likes that they once did.

Real people may actually start to unfollow your account if it seems too false, and if they realise you have paid money to buy fake followers. There is also a chance that your account may be permanently banned by Instagram or TikTok because the bot you are using violates the platforms code of conduct.

Our Bot

Because of our teams in depth research regarding how these other bots have went wrong, we’ve managed to find methods which help you increase the number of likes and views you receive in an organic way. Our bot focuses on leaving your footprint on other people’s content. Real people with real content means real interactions.

Although it may not actually be you who is manually making these engagements, the number of interactions the bot will cause will point huge amounts of people in the direction of your account. The idea behind our bot is that a percentage of the real people who visit your account will like your content, follow you and start engaging with your videos.