TikTok has seen an enormous rise in popularity since it was first launched in 2018. As of June 2021, the platform has almost 1 billion monthly active users and 2.6 billion downloads worldwide.

The growing use of the app has forced many brands to focus on promoting products through TikTok content creators. Unlike Instagram, TikTok users don’t need a large number of followers to be recognized. The algorithms of the platform allow smaller profiles to generate high levels of engagement as well.

In order to keep the content coming, TikTok had to come up with a way to reward the creators and monetize the audience. This is why the platform set up a Creator Fund – one of the ways for content creators to make money on TikTok.

What Is The TikTok Creator Fund?

Since the content creators are the soul of the platform, TikTok established the Creator Fund to offer income opportunities to the ones making successful TikTok videos and keeping the app alive. The tech giant wants to show appreciation to the creator community for the content they are producing and help them turn what they love into a livelihood. 

In one article by the TikTok Newsroom, TikTok makes it clear that the Creator Fund is not a grant or an ad revenue sharing programme. It consists of money that the company has put aside to distribute to creators. 

TikTok has allocated $200 million to the Creator Fund and is hoping to grow to $1 billion by 2023. The Creator Fund has become an incentive for users to create more videos for the platform.

How To Join The TikTok Creator Fund

TikTok has placed no limit on the number of users who can join the Creator Fund. However, you still need to meet certain requirements in order to be eligible: 

  • Must be 18+ years old
  • Must have at least 10,000 followers
  • Must have at least 100,000 authentic views in the last 30 days
  • Must be based in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy
  • Must post original content regularly

In order to apply for the Creator Fund, you need to switch your personal account to a Pro one. Afterwards, you need to click on the three dots at the top-right corner and choose “Creator” where you can see Insights and the TikTok Creator Fund. The application process will start and you need to upload your ID and verify your location. 

When you are all set up, you can start creating content and get paid based on the engagement with your videos. In order to track your performance and make sure you are trending, you need to understand how TikTok Analytics works. You will be able to keep an eye on video engagement and see what you can improve in your future content.

Once your content is recognized and you start making money, funds should be shown on the Creator Fund dashboard three days after the video views are generated. You can withdraw a minimum of $10 via PayPal or Zelle.

How Much Does TikTok Pay Per View?

The 200-million Creator Fund has made a number of people think that they can turn TikTok into a full-time career. Let’s see how this can work in practice.

TikTok creators have reported that the platform pays between $0.02-0.04 per 1,000 views. Therefore, if your video gathers 500,000 views, you will receive a maximum of $20. 

You may start to wonder how TikTok creators actually make their money.  

Could TikTok become a full-time career at this rate? 

The truth is that unless you become TikTok famous and your videos get millions of views, then you are probably not going to be able to make a sustainable income solely from TikTok. 

Then where do TikTok content creators make so much money from? 

How Many Followers on TikTok Do You Need To Get Paid?

Most of the content creators’ income comes from sponsored posts and product placements. Businesses see the growing use of the app as an opportunity to expand and are willing to pay TikTok content creators to advertise their merchandise. If a creator has 10,000+ followers, it is very likely that brands will try to approach them.

Apart from this, popular content creators are trying to make good use of the app and have discovered other ways to make serious money on TikTok.

How Are My Funds Calculated?

TikTok does not have a strict formula for calculating the money you will make out of a single video post. However, the platform has announced some of the factors that are taken into account:

  • Video views
  • Video engagement
  • Adherence to the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service

As you can see, how many video views you get is important for calculating the income. This is why you need a consistent strategy on how to get more TikTok views.

Other Benefits of Becoming a Creator

Once you get into the Creator Fund, you will be able to access the TikTok Creator Marketplace. This is a platform where you can find brands for collaboration and sponsorship opportunities. You will also get official support from TikTok for participating in brand campaigns. 

If a brand wants to work with you, you will receive a notification and will need to arrange the whole process with the brand itself. The marketplace does not offer an option for transactions so payment should be directly arranged with the brand too. 

Your sponsored video will be reviewed both by TikTok and the brand. You will then be notified once it is approved and it’s ready to be published!

Apart from the marketplace, the Creator Fund opens your doors to becoming one of the trend-setters on the app. Read more about how you can create an awesome TikTok trend!