Creating a trend on Tik Tok 2020 can be difficult , but by no means impossible. In this guide we will look at the different ways through which you can create an Awesome tik tok trend in 2020 and what may be involved in this process. Tik Tok is one of the most talked anoint and popular social media applications online. Most of the people on Tik Tok are looking for fast digestible content which is exciting and interesting and funny.

Many Tik Tok influencers who have millions of followers on the application simply started off small. This meant that they just created short videos that came to mind off the top of their head. This helped to propel them to stardom across the application as they began to gain more popularity and traction over time. If you are planning on achieving similar success it may be slightly more difficult due to the volume of content on the app as well as the number of users trying to become big on the platform.

Developing Ideas And Content

When things come to developing ideas and content , there is a lot that you can do in order to create an awesome Tik Tok trend. One of the best ways through which you can develop ideas for your content is by speaking to other creators. Finding out what is happening across Tik Tok is an excellent way to establish what might be trending on the application as well as how you can optimise your content.  Using your Tik Tok analytics is one of the key ways through which you can do this.

As well as getting ideas from the app , try creating your own unique content ideas. These can be based upon things in your immediate surroundings as well as lightbulb ideas that you may get as a result of recent events. Once you have a few ideas stored away , then the next best thing that you can do is to try and post as much as possible in order to build up an audience interested and engaged in your content. Doing this will help you work in favour of the algorithm. Tik Tok favours creators on the platform who are posting regularly and publishing engaging content which audiences can engage with.

When you are making your content, it’s important to engage with hashtags where possible. Engaging with trending hashtags on Tik Tok is a brilliant way through which you can gain more interest in your content and profile on Tik Tok. Normally in order to have a place on trending your videos will need to gain a lot of attention within a small time frame. Try and publicise and share your posts as much as possible without making them too spammy.

If your videos are lacking creative flair and excitement , why not consider featuring some of your friends in your videos. Featuring other people in videos is a great way through which you can gain more interest in the content that is being produced as well as gaining different perspectives on the videos that you are making.

It’s important to remember that there is no particular set rulebook when it comes to content. Obviously make content within the guidelines and terms of service of Tik Tok. Outside of this there are plenty of different ways through which you can make your content unique and interesting in order to appeal to a wide audience.


Creating A Wave On Tik Tok

One way in which creators refer to popularity and trends on Tik Tok is by describing it as a wave. Therefore , creating a wave on Tik Tok is a key to ensuring that you become popular on Tik Tok. One of the most important things that you can consider before you are making something go viral on Tik Tok is considering your audience.

Having an idea of your audience is a good research task to undertake as it means that you can tailor relatable content for people to enjoy. Doing this ensures that people can remain engaged and interested in the content that you have to offer.

There isn’t really a set formula to creating a wave on Tik Tok. Although having said this , it can be noted that viral trends are a brilliant way to create a wave on Tik Tok. Trends such as the harlem shake , statue challenge etc are a great way of moulding into the Tik Tok scene and helping to grow your audience as well as gaining important views

Some of the most successful creators on Tik Tok have been really adventurous with their content and have produced pieces of media which have become very popular with large numbers of people online as well as offline. Tik Tok creators at the highest levels of Tik Tok even organise fan meet-ups and events due to the large number of followers that they have generated. Often these followers are fans from around the globe.

Understanding Trends On Tik Tok

Understanding trends on Tik Tok is very important. This is because trends can have a significant impact on the overall way in which content is viewed on Tik Tok as well as the amount of views that your content might receive.  Trend’s normally happen as a result of the snowball effect. This is when a piece of content is created and quickly catches on.

As it catches on , increasing numbers of creators across Tik Tok create similar content or make their own versions of content which is becoming popular. This then becomes a trend on the application and this is where a lot of interest from other platforms occurs.

As well as the global audience on Tik Tok , trends on the application can often attract and capture the attention of people on other social media platforms such as facebook and Instagram.  Interest from other social media platforms is always good as it means that your account can gain more views from a wider audience. This may also encourage them to download Tik Tok and follow your account.