TikTok has definitely marked its presence today. You see millions of videos every single day by pop stars, actors and even doctors. Many people have already started wondering whether they can make it as an influencer by producing content on TikTok.

This is a very tricky subject. So much content is uploaded on the app every second that it is likely for your videos to get lost and not reach the public eye. However, the TikTok algorithm is supposed to help you increase your visibility by pushing the right videos to the right users. 

Nowadays, celebrities are becoming TikTokers and vice versa exactly because of the way the algorithm works. If you want to go viral, you need to learn how to manipulate the algorithm.

Understand Your Audience

One of the keys to becoming viral on TikTok is knowing your audience. You need to know what type of people you are targeting with the videos you are creating. 

The question you should ask yourself is: what are people looking for while scrolling on TikTok?

Overall, people on TikTok are mainly scrolling for entertainment – the app is their escape from reality. If you are trying to educate them, you should do it in a funny way in order to grab people’s attention. 

A more technical approach would be to track TikTok Analytics and see what type of content your viewers engage with. This is how you will start producing what they like and reach a bigger similar audience!

Identify Your Niche

The best way to figure out what videos to film is pick something that you are good at. Choose a niche and start making a plan for the videos you can make on the topic. It doesn’t have to be all performance art – singing, dancing, poetry, etc. If you are interested in science and technology, for example, you can make a series of videos with fun facts about the field. 

The key is to find a niche that you are interested in but is not saturated.

This is why some of the questions you should ask yourself are: What are my interests? What videos do I watch in my free time? Are there many people already producing the same type of content? 

No matter what content you are creating, you have to be passionate about the subject. Your interest and confidence will show in the way you speak and this will lure the audience into your channel.  

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Use Hashtags

Using hashtags that are relevant to your content can help you become TikTok famous. Since users can look for videos through hashtags, they can see your video even without purposefully looking for your account.

The tricky part here is to use a hashtag that will both suit your content and not be overused by the majority of content creators.

In order to get more insights into what is currently trending, you should regularly check the “Discover” tab. In addition to this, always make sure to include the #ForYou hashtag as it will be shown to more regular TikTok viewers.

Use Trending Sounds

What TikTok sound you use is one of the most significant factors for going viral. This is why even if you upload a video with an original sound, it is good to implement one of the trending songs as well. Of course, you should not cover your talking with a popular audio. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create your video and tap on Sounds. This is where you can add trending audio to your video.
  2. Turn down the volume of the added sound so that it is only as quiet background audio.

This is how you get the benefit of your own audio and getting into the trending section!

Post Videos Consistently

The TikTok algorithm works in favor of content creators who post regularly. This is one of the ways in which the app gets more traffic and your profile becomes more recognizable. However, this doesn’t mean that you should post all the time.

You might be wondering how often you should post. Generally, what you need to do is to pick two time slots per day when your audience is most active. Post during those times and track their engagement to see what works better.

Encourage Interaction With Your Content

Your videos need to provoke a reaction from the viewers’ side. This is why you need to encourage them to like, share, follow or simply answer a question you have posed. 

By asking a question and telling people to answer in the comments you show consideration and interest in them. Once they start writing comments, you need to respond to show them that you actually care about what they want to say.

Exit The App After Posting

An unpopular hack to reach a bigger audience and go viral is to exit the app after posting. This is how you will activate the TikTok algorithm and the app will start sending you notifications to bring you back. This will also trigger the algorithm to show your video to more users in order to bring more traffic to your profile. 

Close the app and relax for a few hours. Once you come back, you will be the new TikTok star!

Are You Ready To Go Viral?

Even if you do all the things above, sometimes the algorithm changes and might bring you down. This is why before you start implementing all the tips, make sure you know the algorithm well and learn how to manipulate it. You should also have a plan for your content and be consistent in your efforts!

Remember to stay committed and results will come very soon!


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