Tik Tok is an up and coming platform which has hundreds of millions of users across the globe. It may seem like a tall order to make a unique Tik Tok video in 2020 but there is actually a lot that you can do in order to make your own unique video. There is a lot that you can do to mix up and change your content. A lot of the content on the app is based on lip syncing. Try and change up your content by incorporating dancing into your videos as well as other forms of content . Each piece of content in video form gives other users on Tik Tok the chance to interact with you whether that be by commenting on your post or alternatively liking it. You can also directly message other users as well.

Understanding Tik Tok

Tik Tok is essentially a giant melting point for creativity. Whatever you are looking to bring to the platform , there will likely always be someone to be part of the audience for the content you are uploading. The tricky part is steadily growing your audience and retaining their interest. It’s important that you are able to vary your content to some extent and change up the content you are producing so that is appealing to a large audience.

Once you have begun using Tik Tok regularly , it becomes more and more easy to understand. You will learn over time what features to utilise and what to avoid in order to get the most out of the content that you are producing.

One of the key ways to understand how you can make a unique Tik Tok video in 2020 is by paying attention to how the application works. One of the key things to note/remember about Tik Tok is the fact that there is a constant scrolling feature. This means that you can see a wide range of different content across the application with very little effort. In order to make sure that your content reaches a wide audience and has a lot of views it is important that you make it eye catching and use different features such as filters and bright colours in order to make your content stand out more.

Your use of Tik Tok hashtags can also play a big part in how successful you are in Tik Tok overall. Therefore you should pay close attention where possible to how you use these hashtags and what you are looking to target with them.

Make Your Mark

One of the best and most innovative ways through which you can make your mark on Tik Tok is by starring in a duet. A duet is when two users come together to lip sync or parody lyrics to a song. This is a brilliant way to get more exposure for your account as well as for the content that you are regularly producing.

Duet’s have become very popular on the application recently and are an excellent way through which you can vary your content and appeal to a wide overall audience. In order to have the most impact try and use a popular or trending song in order to receive more views and support.

Having your own style of videos is another great way to get noticed.There is a lot that can go into creating your own style , wearing unique outfits , creating your own dance routine and having your own unique content style is a great way to garner more interest in some of the content that you are producing on your Tik Tok channel.

Having an eye catching and engaging backdrop for any Tik Tok you upload can often be key to getting more views as well as more people interacting with the content that you are uploading. Videos that have dull or bland background often don’t get nearly as many hits as some Tik Tok which have an impressive or engaging background. Doing this or finding a background that is suitable for your Tik Tok can actually be surprisingly simple.

When you are looking to produce the best content for your Tik Tok account , it’s very important that you experiment. Experimenting with content means trying out different themes , trends and ideas in order to gain a better understanding of what might eventually become popular on the application.

When you are making your content , try to include keywords that will capture people’s attention in the description of your video. This is an excellent way to improve overall interest in the content that you are producing.  Captions which are relevant to your video can help increase your chances of being displayed more often by the Tik Tok algorithm. Appealing to the algorithm is important if you want your content to be picked up on and noticed more quickly.

Often content that accumulates views and interactions quickly will feature in the trending section of Tik Tok. This can help to expand audiences further as well as overall outreach for users featured on this section.

Engaging With Your Audience

Something that is particularly noticeable about a significant number of Tik Tok is the way in which they can captivate audiences. It is important that when you make your content that it is hard to stop watching. Making videos that are appealing to your audience and that are unique is a brilliant way to ensure that your audience will be engaged and interested in the videos that you are producing.

Engaging with your audience is something which you should do over time consistently in order to garner an active interest in your content as well as your profile on Tik Tok. One of the best ways through which you can do this is by actively responding to comments and messages on your account. Doing this shows that you are actively interested and engage with what your audience has to say. There is no guaranteed fastrack way to Tik Tok stardom. However , you can successfully create and produce unique content for the application over time which will undoubtedly attract an audience which can grow over time.