Tik Tok has become a giant in the past few years. We have seen a number of successful trends spreading across the internet which originated on Tik Tok. These trends have varied from political , social and grassroots movements as well as viral funny and engaging clips. In this blog we are going to focus specifically on how you can make your most successful Tik Tok video of 2020. There is a lot that you need to think about when making this video. We will break this down into digestible chunks so that you can easily understand how you can make your most successful video in 2020. 

Evaluate Your Tik Tok Profile Performance

One of the most important things which you can do when evaluating your overall Tik Tok performance is looking at your performance and how this has affected your success on Tik Tok. Something which a lot of Tik Tokkers slip up on is checking on their overall performance and what content is getting the most support and engagement from their audience. 


There are plenty of different ways through which you can evaluate your Tik Tok performance. Here is a short list of the best ways through which you can get a better insight into how you are performing on Tik Tok:

  1. Reach out to your audience- Your audience is one of the most important tools that you can use when looking to evaluate your performance. This is because they will see the majority of your content and will be able to provide feedback on it
  2. Search your own profile- Searching your own profile can let you see how other users on Tik Tok can see your profile. This means that you can see what parts of your content are the most popular. This may help give you an idea of how you plan to expand your profile in future
  3. Tik Tok analytics – Tik Tok analytics are easily one of the most important tools that you can to understand your performance on the platform. By using analytics , you can see how your stats stack up and what the demographic is for your audience as well as how this is affecting your followers on Tik Tok 
  4. Compare some of your videos with your friends – By comparing some of your videos with your friends , you can gain a better overall understanding of how they might perceive your videos as well as how many views that they get compared to their content. Comparing is important as it gives you the basis of an idea to work towards. 


Ultimately when you are evaluating your Tik Tok performance , it is important to keep in mind the reason you are doing so. You want to make your most successful Tik Tok video of 2020. The information gathered from these sources should be noted by you and built on where possible so that you can produce your best possible video. 

How Are Other Tik Tok Users Becoming Popular?

When you find yourself looking to make your most successful video of the year , you may find yourself asking how other Tik Tok users are becoming so popular. One of the main ways in which many other users on this platform gain popularity is by broadcasting on multiple social media channels. As well as the Tik Tok channel itself , many users choose to share their content across other social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram.


Both of these platforms have very large numbers of users on them. In addition to this ,there have been a number of viral Tik Tok videos that have also gone viral on social media platforms such as these. This adds incentive to post Tik Tok’s to more that one social media channel or platform as this will help to get more exposure for your content as well as your profile. 


As well as posting to multiple social media platforms , it is also important that you take into consideration other factors such as your usage of hashtags on Tik tok. Hashtags can have a huge overall impact on who is likely to come across your profile online as well as how many likes and views your comment may receive online. When deciding how utilise your hashtags , try to consider what your audience is looking for as well as targeting hashtags that are trending or popular and directly related to your content or channel. 

Hashtags can be a powerful tool for growth on Tik Tok like it is on Instagram. One of the reasons for this is because content which is featured on the app is often based on the accounts main content or use of hashtags therefore if you are aiming for comedy for example then more users may see your profile or videos when searching for comedy or funny videos on Tik Tok. 


It’s not always possible to entirely pinpoint how a user has become very successful on Tik Tok as well as popular. However , generally speaking there is a pattern whereby users increase their engagements and use of hashtags in order to attract a large overall audience. 

Content Scheduling And Posting 

On your journey to becoming more successful on Tik Tok, it is important that you establish some form of content scheduling and posting. Doing this will ensure that you are able to keep track of the content that you are posting as well as putting out more content than other creators.


When it comes to scheduling posts , there is a lot that can be learned from other social media platforms. Platforms such as facebook and Instagram have clearly illustrated that posts that are made at peak times are more likely to gather larger numbers of interactions and engagements. Therefore you should publish some of your best content when you know your audience will be active and on the application. This is one of the main areas through which a Tik Tok bot could assist you. 


Posting content regularly is an excellent way to build up an engaged and large audience. Another way in which you can improve the growth on your channel is by posting multiple times each day. Putting out more content means it is likely that more users are going to start picking up on the content that you produce. This may eventually lead to you channel growing and seeing more likes.


When you are planning on creating your best and most exciting post to date ,  it is important that you get the timing spot on. So if it is based on an event or specific thing then try and ensure that you release the video shortly after the event has occurred or the topic has been talked about in order to achieve maximum interest and to create a buzz centered around the video. 


Your video doesn’t have to be based on a big event either , it could be a video based on a viral song. Whatever the content is , make sure that you do it your way , and in a fashion that inspires interest in your content and channel. 

Be Unique And Creativite

Tik Tok is a platform which is never really short of users looking to express their uniqueness and creativity through the content that they create. Where possible , you should strive to create unique and creative content that can appeal to a wide and varied audience. Doing this is likely to get you more followers and likes in the long term. Creators who copy or rehash content can become popular but often when they are repeating content they can fall out of favor with their fans pretty fast.


Therefore , keep in mind that making your content unique is a good way to appeal to a wider audience as well as being able to retain the existing audience that you have. Try and be creative as possible with your posts and make sure you try a variety of different types of ideas in order to get a better idea of what kind of content could become popular on your channel.