How to Use the Green Screen Effect on TikTok – 5 Video Ideas

TikTok may be a social media platform that’s trying to make a number of the previously inaccessible features very fashionable. One such effect is the green screen effect. It’s become widely employed by a number of the foremost famous TikTok content creators so here’s what you ought to realize about it.

What Does “Green Screen” Mean on TikTok?


The Green Screen effect is employed by numerous TikTok content creators on the app. It allows you to customize the background of your video – you’ll upload a photograph or another video as a part of your background and film your content. it’s one among the simplest effects that your profile can go viral with.

How To Use The TikTok Green Screen Effect with a Photograph Background


In order to upload your favourite photo as a background for your next TikTok video, here are a couple of easy steps to try:


  1. Open TikTok and press at rock bottom .
  2. Select “Effects” and choose “Green Screen”.
  3. Open your Camera Roll and choose the video you would like to use.
  4. If the video is longer than 15 seconds, choose a part of it you’d wish to use.
  5. Press “Next”, record, edit and publish the ultimate version!


These few easy steps can really spice up your content and make your feed more and more appealing!

How To Get The Green Screen Effect with a Video Background

You can also use another video from your phone as a background for your content. The process of uploading it is similar to that of a photo.

Here are the easiest steps on how to do so:


  1. Open TikTok and press “+” at the bottom.
  2. Select “Effects” and choose “Green Screen”.
  3. Open your Camera Roll and choose the video you wish to use. 
  4. If the video is longer than 15 seconds, choose the part of it you would like to use.
  5. Press “Next”, record, edit and publish the final version!

There is also one more way in which you can make your background cooler.

How To Add Multiple Pictures To You Green Screen Video 

Adding multiple pictures to your green screen effect has a similar process to the other two methods.

Here’s how:


  1. Open the app, select “Effects” and choose the Green Screen effect.
  2. Navigate to the image selector and choose the photo you wish to use.
  3. Record a clip with that image.
  4. Go to Effects again, select another picture and record the second video.
  5. Repeat the procedure as many times as you want until you fill up the 60-second time limit.

Top 5 Best Green Screen Ideas

If you are still wondering in what way you can implement these ideas, here are the 5 top green screen video ideas for your Tik Tok duet

Tell A Story

If you have an extraordinary or a fun story to tell, you can use the green screen to make the scene look as real as possible. You can use videos or multiple images to make the viewer feel like they are part of the story. 

For example, one of the most popular TikTok content creators, Brianna Mizura, used the effect to tell her followers about an unusual family adventure in a TikTok video.

Show Your Favourite Photoshoot Locations

Another creative way to implement the Green Screen effect into your videos is through showing off your most desirable photoshoot locations. In this way you are giving people valuable content and numerous ideas for spicing up their feed too.

Here is a TikTok video example of how this idea can be realized. 

Film a How-To Video

If you want to create a form of guidance content for your audience, you should film a how-to video. You can do a tutorial on something that you know a lot about and use a variety of backgrounds to make it seem more real. 

For example, if your followers are interested in tips on saving money, you can do a video on how to save money when booking a Disney trip.

Rate Your Own Work

You can also use the Green Screen effect to rate some of your previous photos and videos by placing them in the background. With this effect you can show the photo/video and express your reaction at the same time.

Charli D’Amelio, a TikTok famous content creator, has also done videos in which she rates her previous posts.

Reveal A Tip

Last but not least, you can use the filter to reveal some tips or showcase something. For example, Kara Jewel is trying to reveal the secrets behind how bloggers and influencers manage to make creative and clear photos and posts.

If you want to learn about more tips and tricks for your videos, read about how to edit your TikTok video!