Most Viewed TikTok Video: Top 10 in 2021

TikTok has definitely dominated our social interaction and has transformed the concept of social media. There are numerous videos on the app which have gathered immense support from other users and, of course, many more TikTok views!

Certain TikTok accounts have become viral over time which means that they have reached an extremely big network of users. These are the same ones that have received millions or even billions of views and have become viral!

Zach King’s Harry Potter Illusion – 2.2 billion views

Undoubtedly, Zach King’s videos have become some of the most famous ones on the app. He is getting billions of views because of his creative video illusions and innovative ideas. 

His most popular video is a Harry Potter illusion – he is riding a longboard pretending to be on a broom just like Harry Potter. This creative piece of content brought him almost 17 million likes and 2.2 billion views!

If you are trying to go viral now, follow Zach King for some idea inspiration. He definitely knows how to do it!

James Charles’ Christmas Wonderland Transition – 1.7 billion views

James Charles is a famous TikTok content creator who is popular for his brilliant makeup transformations, dance videos and singing collaborations. His most viewed video, however, is a bit different. He showed his viewers a snapshot of his Christmas Party in 2019. The decorations were extremely posh and you could get a real sense of celebration just from seeing the video!

Although Charles’ Christmas video got only 8.3 million likes, the views managed to get to around 1.7 billion! 

Zach King’s Hide And Seek Illusion – 1.1 billion views

Speaking of most viewed TikTok videos, there is no way for us not to go back to the king of TikTok views – Zach King! His compilation of funny illusion videos have gone viral and left a mark on TikTok content creation. 

King’s illusion video is a game of Hide and Seek. He gives the illusion of a mirror – his reflection picks him up and they both try to find a place to hide. It is super creative and truly deserves the 1.1 billion views it got! 


Why the Golden Gate Bridge is #RED

♬ original sound – Zach King

Zach King’s Cake Glass Illusion – 965.8 million views

The Cake Glass Illusion video again by Zach King is another proof of Zach’s amazing editing and transition skills. He pours a glass of water… and then it turns into a piece of cake? Yeah, a lot of you are probably confused right now. This video managed to leave almost 966 million people perplexed while watching this trick.

Zach King’s creative ideas and ever-evolving skills never disappoint!

Zach King’s Paint Loop – 659.2 million views

Another viral piece of content is again from Zach King. His Paint Loop video is a true piece of art! Zach is editing and making transitions of the videos in a mind-blowing way. In this illusion video he is painting walls and moving the “Wet Paint” caution sign around. However, what looks like a hallway, is actually a wall again and people stumble into it ruining the wet paint

The whole video is edited in detail and is complete magic! 

“M To The B” by Bella Poarch – 504.1 million views

Ranked among one of the most liked videos on TikTok, Bella Poarch’s “M to the B” video is almost one of the most viewed ones. It got viral very quickly and reached more than 500 million people!

The video uses Millie B’s song from 2016 “M to the B”. Bella is bopping her head to this viral track which made many users hop on the trend and have a little fun as well. 

If you want to spark a trend as well, pay attention to the audio and you will be well on your way to becoming the next Bella Poarch!


Daeox’s smiling baby – 375.2 million views

Baby Demi Rose’s smiling video is a true cuteness overload! Not only is it one of the most liked videos on TikTok, but also one of the most viewed. This adorable piece of content reached more than 350 million people and sparked people’s reactions from all over the world.

The video streams happiness and the cute audio adds to the overall performance. Sweetness is definitely a number one criterion for being seen by millions of TikTok users!

Billie Eilish’s Time Warp – 325.8 million views

Billie Eilish’s time warp video got viral quickly and managed to reach an audience of almost 326 million users. Although it was her first TikTok video, it became popular very quickly and she was ranked among the TikTok famous content creators!

This is also one of the most liked videos on the app – around 40 million likes! 

Addison Rae WAP Challenge – 302.9 million views

One of the all-time viral challenges on TikTok is definitely the WAP challenge! Such a video managed to get Addison Rae, a popular TikTok creator, around 300 million views. Her WAP video made the trend more and more famous which encouraged other users to try the dance. 

Apart from the millions of views, the video also has almost 25 million likes. This shows that the piece of content uses great audio and is appealing. If the TikTok algorithm likes it, people will like it too!

Will Smith’s Wipe It Down – 259.9 million views

Another TikTok viral challenge is the “Wipe It Down” one. This audio also brought Will Smith 260 million views which ranked him among the top TikTok content creators. Will Smith’s video interpretation of the trend is almost like a magic trick because he transforms into his “Men in Balck” character while wiping the mirror. 

It looks almost as if he is being teleported to another dimension with the effects. The great visuals and the viral audio managed to make him a true TikTok star!

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