We all know that many businesses use social media as a powerful marketing tool. However, TikTok has literally changed the game. Just as content creators, business profiles can go viral overnight and bring a large number of sales to their companies. One video can have an extreme impact on your business performance.

Let’s see how this can happen!

How To Go Viral On TikTok As A Small Business

An amazing opportunity that businesses can take advantage of is using hashtags relevant to their products. This is how their brand will be easily found on the app and people will be able to identify it. 

Another approach is squeezing into the already popular hashtags which can make you visible to millions of TikTok users. For instance, using the viral #TikTokMakeMeBuyIt hashtag can help you be discovered by new customers. The hashtag has around 3.1 billion views!

Small businesses can take the chance on TikTok and see their sales grow rapidly because of how the algorithms work. We have already seen many successful business stories.

Here are five small business ideas and examples that you can start and turn into a full-time career!

TikTok Business #1: The Silk Labs

A profitable small business idea you can promote on TikTok is making all kinds of accessories. This is how you start with something small and are able to test the efficiency of TikTok.

This is exactly what Jenna Labiak, founder of The Silk Labs, did. She first posted on TikTok in 2019 and admits that the result was mind-blowing. She hopped on the “small business check trend” and managed to get 600k likes and 3.5 million views!

The account got 20k followers at the time and is currently at 100k. 

Jenna says that only one TikTok video can make a huge difference. She has had cases when one video can turn 200 viewers into customers. 

When she was asked what her strategy is, she said that the most important thing is to post consistently and engage with your audience. However, her advice is to not be so fond of the app. Not every video will go viral, but if you post regularly, you will still create a community of customers!

TikTok Business #2: Nadare Co

Another popular small business idea is creating high-quality handmade jewellery. Since this is not such a crowded niche, you can easily turn the idea into a profitable business.

This is what Andrea Norquay did. She started her jewellery business, Nadare Co,  at the end of 2020 and decided to try TikTok to popularize it. On the first day she had 40 orders and was already sold out. She is definitely going strong now with around 92k followers for less than a year! 

Her advice is to create content that solves your audience’s problems – this is the only way for them to engage with your profile. 

TikTok Business #3: Designs by Felicias

The third idea is to develop your design skills and start a business customizing clothes and all other kinds of products. This is how you can personalize what you produce and become recognizable.

Designs by Felicias is a shop on Etsy that does something similar and has become extremely popular through TikTok. The brand’s most viral video got 7 million views and the account has more than 110k followers. Her content is very useful for her audience as she shares packaging and shipping videos, behind the scenes and small business owner tips.

Felicia says that the most important thing is to see what type of content gathers the most views and engagements. This is how you will know what your future strategy could be.

TikTok Business #4

Another idea for starting a viral small business is creating different accessories for computers and laptops. As you know, it is especially important for gamers to have the right equipment. This is why you can target them with great keyboards and keycaps for a convenient gamer experience.

Such a business is “Tiny Makes Things”. The owner makes tiny caps that are very artsy and often food-inspired. This gives people satisfaction when using the device and feels very personalized. 

Whatever you include in your TikTok videos for your small business, try to make the content very personal and tailored to the needs and wants of your audience.

TikTok Business #5

Last, but not least, a profitable small business idea is making creative embroidered crewnecks.

Shopsunflower is an example of how such an idea can be realized into a business. The design you create should be personalized and appealing to your audience. It can also be a perfect gift for a loved one. 

The Effects of Virality on Small Business

The positive effects of TikTok for small businesses are numerous. They grow rapidly and gather millions of followers and viewers. This is encouraging people to continue using TikTok as a powerful tool that is going to be a part of their strategy. 

However, small business owners should be very careful when making content and accepting orders. Having such a popularity as a small business can put you at risk of being scammed. An example of this is a video of Woofpalace in which the owner explains how someone tried to steal from her business. Some people will try to get a refund without returning the product or try to deceive you in a different way.

What is more, small business owners sometimes get overwhelmed from all the orders and try to ship them all in one week. This is when orders get delayed and people start posting angry comments. This is why you need to be organized in order to handle the inflow of orders correctly and deal with the stress. 

Now that you know how to start your small business, see what videos on TikTok are most liked so you know what content to post!