TikTok has not only transformed social media, but has also introduced completely new slang words. You may not be familiar with them at first but as you scroll down on a daily basis, you will start catching up with their meanings. It could be hard to keep up with the variety of slang words that appear every single day. But don’t worry! These words are being used on other social media platforms too so you can easily check them around. 

Try to incorporate the following slang words into your manner of speaking and you will quickly become a Gen Z representative!

No Cap 

This phrase literally means “No Lie”. If someone says that their statement is “no cap”, then it means that it is true and factual. “Capping” is also used in rap lyrics as a word for “lying”. In everyday communication, “no cap” can be a substitute for “seriously”. You can hear this phrase used by many popular TikTok creators on their live streams.

CEO of …

This phrase is actually not related to business at all. TikTok famous creators use it to point out that someone is very good at something. For instance, you can say that your friend is the “CEO of dancing”. The phrase is also used in a sarcastic way – you can say that your friend is the “CEO of sleeping past their alarm”. 


I am sure you know the feeling when you try one of your favorite foods and you feel blessed about how delicious the meal is, your heart starts to melt and your taste buds are in awe – “The KFC chicken nuggets are bussin!”. 

In order to sound authentic, you need to be careful with the pronunciation – a long “ss” dragged into “in” at the end. If you say it with an “ing”, Gen Z will quickly notice that you are not part of the generation. 


This long and high-pitched  sound usually expresses shock, excitement or surprise. When TikTok users express this sound, they usually make the “ice in my veins” pose and the “squint and bite bottom lip” facial expression. 

The expression “sheesh” is used in the same way as “damn!”. The sound is drawn out to sound more like disbelief and exasperation. It is very often used when you don’t know what to say in a certain situation. 


This term is used as a synonym for “basic” or “mainstream” – something that many people do and that has become extremely ordinary. Gen Z fold usually use “cheugy” in a slightly different way – to describe older people who are out of touch but are still trying hard to be part of the new generation. 

Gen Z very often uses this term towards Millenials because this is the generation with the slightest differences with Gen Z and yet sounds very different and odd to them. 

Vibe Check

If someone on TikTok tells you that you pass the vibe check, that means they really like your character and think that you are fun and easy-going. People say that they like your vibe when they are comfortable around you and like your energy. 

So next time someone asks you about your vibe check, you should know that they are asking about your mood and how you have been doing.


Karen is used to describe a middle-aged woman who is often racist and acts as if she is entitled to immense privileges. Such a woman is condescending to everyone around her and is always complaining about something. Every minor remark or issue is a major inconvenience for her and always tries to blame someone else for what happened.

The stories that people on TikTok tell are usually about how Karens act in public – at a restaurant, hair salon, etc. Most of them go viral and are viewed by millions of users.


This word is used to describe that someone is doing a great job at something. For example, if someone’s song slays, then that means it is very good – “The Weeknd’s new album slays!”.


Tea is used as a synonym for the word “gossip”. There are also other expressions with this word that give a signal to what the situation is.

If someone “spills the tea”, then they are gossiping. However, if someone “sips the tea”, they are listening to gossip.


This term is used to describe someone who usually goes above and beyond to satisfy their significant other. Such people publicly pour their heart out and describe their feelings for the one they love. 

The term has become widely popular through TikTok. Apart from the main meaning, people often refer to themselves as simps for celebrities and people they have a crush on.



The word “Heather” has several meanings. The term refers to the 80s film “Heathers”. In the movie the heathers are a group of wealthy popular students – negative connotation. In 2020, the term became popular through Conan Gray’s song. In this context, being a Heather means that you are beautiful, gorgeous and other people wish to be like you.


The term “periodt” is used to emphasize a certain point. If you want to stress on a fact you have expressed, you can say the word at the end to give more strength to your words.

“Jeffery Bezos” and “That Funny Feeling”

Bo Burnham, who is a comedian known for his stand-up attempts during the pandemic, has produced many plays which have become a part of TikTok. The “Jeffery Bezos” song even became a viral sound that many people feature in their videos. On the other hand, “That Funny Feeling” is a sound that people use on their videos when they talk about depression.

It’s the … for me

This phrase is used to make a remark on something that you either like or dislike. The term can be expressed in both a positive and negative way. However, it is most often used with a negative connotation.

Lives in your mind rent-free

If you say that something lives in your mind rent-free, that means you think about something a lot and cannot get it out of your head. Many of the most viewed TikTok videos feature this phrase.

For instance, you can say: “That video lives in my mind rent-free”.

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