The secret to a successful TikTok video is its sound. The funnier the audio is, the more your video will appear to TikTok users. The sound is the most powerful tool you can use to go viral on TikTok since it can be used by other content creators on the app. That makes it shareable and widely spread.

You can notice this while scrolling through the “For You” page – the same sound can be interpreted in a variety of ways by different video creators. This is how the audio becomes popular and trending.

If you have an original idea for a TikTok sound and believe that you can go viral with it, learn more about how you can create and upload it.

How To Make Your Own Sound On TikTok?

The most important characteristic of the audio is its uniqueness. People can easily get bored by listening to the same sound over and over again. This is why you need to come up with creative audio ideas if you want to become TikTok famous.

There are 2 main ways to make your sound available on the app – you can either do a voiceover or add your own music through a third-party app.

How To Do A Voiceover On TikTok

If you are shooting a video in which you want to share a valuable story, then you would probably benefit from adding narration.

Here are several steps for creating a quality voiceover for your video:

  1. Tap the + button to create your video.
  2. Click “Next” to reach the editor page.
  3. Tap the “Voiceover” button.
  4. Long-press the Record button at the bottom of the page and speak.
  5. Click “Save” and finish editing your video.
  6. Click “Post” and see the followers coming!

Make sure to use an attractive caption and relevant hashtags to get more views. 

After the video is already uploaded, you can tap on the spinning record at the bottom right corner and change the name of the sound to something catchy. On this page, you can see all the other creators who have used the same audio on their videos. 

How To Add Your Own Music Using a Third-Party App

If you are not a fan of the sounds available on TikTok, you can add your own music to your video. For this purpose, you will need a video editing app such as iMovie, InShot, etc.

If you are using iMovie, which you can download from the App Store, follow these steps:

  1. Once you open the app, tap + and select “Movie”.
  2. Select your video and tap “Create Movie”.
  3. Choose the sound you want to add either from “My Music” or “Files”.
  4. Tap “Done” and save the video.

When you try to upload your video on TikTok, however, you will see that it is not in the right format:

  1. Open the video in “Photos” and choose “Edit”.
  2. Select the crop preset 16:9 and the vertical square icon.
  3. Once you click “Done”, your video is ready to conquer the TikTok stage!

How To Make Your TikTok Sound Go Viral

Make It Clear

The audio needs to complement the video content instead of interfering with it. This is why you need to record a clear sound and reduce the background noise to a minimum. In this way, viewers will focus on the video and will not be distracted by the low quality and inconsistency of the audio. 

You might think that you need expensive equipment to record such a sound. However, you can use your phone and still get high-quality audio. All you need to do is make sure that the sound can be heard clearly and there is no reverb. 

Turn up the bass, add some effects to the audio and you will sound like a professional! 

Make It Short And Loopable

In order to attract your viewers’ attention, you need to keep your videos short. This is how people are more likely to be shown more of your videos and watch them. And if you want to trick people into watching your video multiple times, you need to make it loopable through sound-mixing and video editing.

The combination of a short video and loopable sound will make people rewatch the video multiple times without even realizing it. This will help the TikTok algorithm evaluate the number of times your videos are being watched. The more views your videos have, the more likely it is for your content to go viral.

You can check out some of the best TikTok songs and learn why they became so famous.

Make It Weird And Funny

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your content – add effects, use different tones of voice, even act goofy sometimes. Embrace your weirdness and try to express it in the most interesting way. The more natural you are on camera, the more people will believe what you say and will truly have fun. 

Feel confident and have fun while shooting and editing the video!

Make It Shareable

The most important part of making a TikTok video is creating content that is targeting your viewers. However, in order to level up your game, try to make the content relevant to your followers’ followers too. This makes people share the video both with their inner circle and a bigger audience. 

It is one of the most effective ways to get more followers on TikTok! 

(link to “How to Get More Followers on Tiktok in 2021 [10 Ways]” when published)

Make It A Challenge

If you really want to get more TikTok views in a short period of time, one of the most effective ways to do so is to turn your video content into a challenge. This means that you are adding a call to action at the end of your video. People will want to reproduce the content, use the right sound and become a part of the awesome TikTok trend.

For instance, TikTok has become one of the most helpful apps for viral cooking recipes. The feta pasta trend was so popular that almost every video on the “For You” page consisted of people cooking the viral pasta. Creators even claimed that “grocery stores in Finland ran out of feta cheese” because of the recipe’s popularity.

Now that you know the best tips and tricks for a viral TikTok sound, learn how to make the best TikTok songs playlist!