The selection process for which TikTok bot you are going to use to grow your following can often be a complicated one. There are various factors which you will need to take into consideration. Chances are, you will be looking for a bot which gives you immediate results, but that shouldn’t be the most important issue when it comes to selecting the TikTok bot for you.

Selecting a reliable and secure TikTok growth provider is essential. Providing an untrustworthy bot with your account’s details can result in your account being comprised. A hacked account will have a catastrophic impact on your accounts number of followers due to the spamming which will take place and you may find yourself permanently locked out the account so you will have lost it all together. This can easily happen if you trust a poor growth service with your account’s details.

Instazood’s Instagram Bot

This article is going to analyse Instazood’s bot for TikTok before then comparing it to TikTok bot’s overall offering. Instazood’s offering is ultimately a knock off of their Instagram bot which they have run for several years. The company are most well known for their Instagram bot, they were one of the first companies to launch a bot service for Instagram users.

Although they were one of the first providers of an Instagram bot, they certainly weren’t regarded as one of the high-quality providers. Numerous Instazood users used to complain about having their accounts deleted by Instagram and becoming shadow banned thanks to the excessive spamming which their bot would perform on the app. This resulted in numerous complaints occurring, which then led people to discover that their customer service department wasn’t very good either.

Can You Trust The InstaZood TikTok Bot?

If you’re handing a service provider your logins to your TikTok account, you will want to fully trust them. Unfortunately, Instazood has woeful reviews on numerous websites which judge the companies ‘Trust’ rating. These reviews can be viewed here. They are widely regarded as a poor growth service for TikTok accounts to use. In addition to this, many are leaving complaints that Instagram recently removed their account from the platform.

Is Instazood’s TikTok Bot Different?

Instazood claim that their TikTok bot offers numerous actions for their users, such as commenting, following, liking and sending private messages. However, this isn’t an available feature unless the other person follows you back. This is beginning to show you why so many people mistrust Instazood so badly, they literally lie to you on their homepage about the possible services they can provide. Instazood talk a brilliant game, but the reality is that TikTok bot is actually capable of providing the service they claim to.

Why TikTok Bot Is A Better Option

If you’re looking for a growth service provider which focuses on naturally growing your TikTok account then look no further than the TikTok bot. Very soon after the launch of TikTok the bot was then introduced which means the bot has years of learning under their belt about what the best algorithm is to get genuine results. TikTok bot knows exactly how to help you get value for money, and maximise the amount of actions your account is able to enjoy.

TikTok Bot Can Be Trusted

There are numerous reviews which can be found online which are very complimentary towards the services which TikTok bot have been able to provide to their account. Several reviews spoke about a remarkable growth spurt which the bot was able to provide to their account. TikTok bot earns your trust over time through results, but there are countless reviews online which shows the service can be trusted.

A Support Team That Cares

TikTok bot’s users often comment in their reviews that they can’t believe how efficient their customer service team is. TikTok bot’s customer service team are known to actively ensure that clients are happy with the service they are being provided and provide assistance whenever necessary. Knowing that you have a support team available whenever you encounter any issues to guide you through the process should be a key factor when selecting what growth service provider you are going to use.